November 26th – 27th 2014 | Wirtschaft Neumarkt – Cabaret Voltaire | Zurich

Background Texts

Immanuel Kant, Universal Natural History and Theory of Heaven (1755); System of Cosmological Ideas (1781)

Henry Poincaré, Leçons sur les Hypothèse Cosmogonique (Librairie Scientifique A. Hermann et Fils, 1911)

George Bataille, „The Meaning of a General Economy“ and „Laws of a General Economy“ in: The Accursed Share Vol.1 (Zone Books 1991) (p. 19-40)

Jean-François Lyotard, „Can Thought Go On Without A Body“ in: The Inhuman, Reflections on Time (Polity Press 1991) (p. 8-23)

Michel Serres, The Parasite (John Hopkin University Press 1982) (chapter on economy, 130-200); The Natural Contract (University of Michigan Press 1990)

Helge S Kragh, Entropic Creation. Religious Contexts of Thermodynamics and Cosmology (Ashgate 2008)

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